Nikhil M

Dallas, TX |

Jeff was outstanding to work with and I would highly recommend him! When my wife & I started working with Jeff, he was very thorough in understanding our needs. He took the time to listen and was clearly interested in finding the right home for us. Jeff knows the market very well, understands the details that can add value to a home and is also knowledgeable to guide us to aspects of the home that would help with its eventual resale value. He was not rushed to “close the sale” but took the time to highlight details in homes that displayed better quality materials used as compared to items that look attractive at first sight but would not stand the test of time. During the negotiation process, Jeff was with us every step of the way to guide us and help us negotiate the best outcome for my family. He was able to strike a good balance of understanding our needs while also guiding us on items we should ask for in the offer. He was always available and extremely responsive. Jeff has continued to stay engaged with us after the sale to ensure the process has been smooth even after closing & the move-in.